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Why Choose Cayman as your Wedding Destination in the Caribbean!

Why Choose Cayman as your Wedding Destination in the Caribbean!

Why Choose Cayman as your Wedding Destination in the Caribbean!

May 11, 2016

If you are planning to get married, then I’m sure that you are considering between a traditional wedding and a destination wedding. Given that planning a traditional wedding might turn out to be more stressful than you thought, a destination wedding might be just the right alternative for you. Today, there are many destinations where you can get married. However, if you are considering a destination that is not only mesmerizing, but also carries a hypnotic and fascinating charm, why not consider one of the Caribbean islands as your wedding destination. A Caribbean destination wedding can prove to be an extra special occasion that you will reminisce and cherish for a long time to come.

The Caribbean islands are famed for their golden orange sunsets and white sandy beaches. Besides they are blessed with warm sunshine all the year around. Surrounded by azure waters and dotted with an array of dazzling sights, these islands are surely make the Caribbean a destination that is hard to beat.

Why Choose Cayman!

Of all the Caribbean islands, the Cayman Islands have emerged as a tourist mecca. Being a British Overseas Territory, the islands present a generous mix of traditional Caribbean Culture and the essence of being traditionally British. Caymanians are known to be amongst the friendliest in the world, and the islands are one of the most romantic places on earth to get married.  With stunning views and world class beaches, the Cayman Islands have pleasant weather all year round. They are are home to many wedding planners, consultants, and allied professionals. Surely, Cayman Islands Weddings can be dreams come true. So, if you plan to get married in Cayman, you just need to follow a very simple process, so you can concentrate on the most important: your wedding!

Safe & Prestigious Location

For your Cayman Island wedding, there are an ample number of photographers, bakers, and florist’s on-island that can be included in a Cayman Destination Wedding Package, so there is no need to plan out your own travel or vacation requirements for your wedding nuptials in Cayman.  The Cayman Islands are also one of the safest destination in the Caribbean, which adds up to the prestige of getting married here.  With a bit of planning, you can surely tailor the right package for you, from the many Cayman Wedding Packages available.


Getting married in Cayman Islands

Many Options for Guests

There are a lot of attractions that your guests can choose from, besides enjoying the sun and the sand. They can find time between events or after the wedding, to go shopping at George Town, or visit upscale Camana Bay. Your guests can take a short trip to Sting Ray City, where they can interact with friendly Southern stingrays. Visit the Turtle Farm, where they’ll find hundreds of these marvelous creatures along with other deep-sea creatures.

Lip Smacking Local Delicacies

Furthermore as part of your Cayman Destination Wedding Package, you can also include local Cayman delicacies for your reception. Your wedding dinner can include traditional Afro-Caribbean or Jamaican foods such as cassava, johnny cake, patties, plantain, and meat pie.  Traditional Caymanian food usually includes ingredients like conch, coconut, yams, rice and peas, mangoes, and fresh fish as mahi, tuna, wahoo or snapper. Also popular are several meat dishes and various types of curry.



Caymanian food in Wedding


Cayman Wedding Requirements

If you are a visitor, then there are no residency requirements in order to get married in Cayman. As a non-resident, you will require a marriage license that is granted by the Governor along with a letter from an authorized marriage officer.  Other documents include proof of marital status or a legal divorce decree or death certificate, if applicable. You will also need to show the pink entry slips issued by the Cayman Islands Immigration Department and provide two witnesses.

Since Cayman Islands Wedding Packages often work out to be cheaper than getting married in locations such as the mainland USA, many people are opting to get married in Cayman and give themselves moments they will relish for a lifetime. Good Luck with your Cayman Island wedding!


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